Smoking Affects Everyone

Smoking not only affects you but all of the people in your life. You’re taking a positive step both for yourself and them by quitting smoking.

How Smoking Affects You

By quitting, you begin to lessen the large impact that smoking has.

Smoking decreases your:

  • Smell and taste
  • Energy levels
  • Lung function

Smoking puts you at greater risk for:

  • Lung disease
  • Cancer, especially lung cancer
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Coronary heart disease

Smoking also speeds up the aging process and drains your finances.

How Smoking Affects Your Partner

Most important, by quitting smoking, you’re doing something positive for your health. That means your partner can stop worrying about smoking’s long-term health risks.

It’s likely that your partner will enjoy that you no longer have smoker’s breath. Smoking also can lead to gum disease, another cause of halitosis.

It’s also true that quitting smoking leads to improved fertility. On average, non-smokers find it easier to conceive than smokers, and are ultimately more likely to give birth to a healthy baby.

The money you’ll save by quitting smoking may be another bonus for your partner. You’ll have some extra money for dining out or taking holidays together.

How Smoking Affects Your Children

Children and family are a big reason for inciting smokers to quit. A recent survey found that 98% of children wished their parents would stop smoking, and nearly half said their parent’s smoking made them feel ill.

Kids learn about the health dangers of smoking at school. They probably worry about your health. If you smoke around your children, their health could be at risk too from passive, second-hand smoke.

Smoking puts those closest to you at risk of a range of potential illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, meningitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. In fact, second-hand smoke increases the likelihood of a non-smoker contracting lung cancer and heart disease. The reality is that there is simply no “safe” level of exposure to second-hand smoke.

When you quit, you’re doing your bit to create a smoke-free environment for your friends and family. This will have a positive impact on the health of your loved-ones – especially children. What’s more, by taking the decision to quit, you’ll also be reducing the likelihood of your children taking up smoking themselves.

Think of the extra treats you’ll be able to enjoy as a family with the money saved from quitting - days out, trips to the cinema, or even that dream family holiday. you’ll all benefit from the rewards of quitting smoking.

How Smoking Affects Your Friends

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a drink or meal with friends, then you suddenly dash outside for a cigarette? You’re outside alone, missing the fun inside.

Your friends will be happy if you quit, because they care about you and because you’ll be around to spend more time with them. You won’t need to leave for a cigarette when you use your willpower together with NICORETTE®.

How Smoking Affects Work Colleagues

When you’re tired, stressed, and up against deadlines, it’s easy to seek comfort by sneaking out of the office for a cigarette break. However, reports show that over a year, smokers can spend up to five weeks away from their desks taking what they think of as ‘quick’ breaks.

Nobody wants to be thought of as not doing their share of the work. Quitting smoking can help make your day more productive.

Quit Smoking Budget Calculator

It’s eye-opening when you learn how much money you’ll save when you quit smoking.

Tips to Stop Smoking

Learn the right facts and helpful tactics to break free from smoking for good.