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Amazing Quit Smoking Stories

Quitting smoking is hard, but it's not impossible. NICORETTE® can help you along your journey to help you quit for good. See the inspiring stories below and find out how NICORETTE® has helped other people quit smoking and the benefits from living a smoke free life.

How stopping smoking helped Ebony with breathing

As soon as Ebony stopped smoking, not only did her breathing and sense of smell improve, but she was able to enjoy playing with her children and going to the gym again. Whilst giving up smoking it tough, there are so many benefits to help you keep motivated. Inspire your own quit smoking journey today.

Watch Michelle's story - How she could not quit smoking cold turkey

Quitting cold turkey is incredibly difficult, and can often lead to failed attempts. For many people, like Michelle, they feel alone on their quit smoking journey. However, with the help of family, friends and NICORETTE®, your quit smoking story can become a lot easier.

Watch how Ebony could not Quit Cold Turkey

For Ebony, it took her 10 failed attempts at trying to quit cold turkey before trying an alternative. See how Ebony was able to finally give up smoking with the help of NICORETTE®

How stopping Smoking Helped Michelle's BREATHING

Quitting smoking is tough, but it allows you to return to the activities you once took for granted. For Michelle, quitting smoking helped improve her breathing – allowing her to enjoy swimming in the ocean again. Take a look at this amazing quit story.