Setting up a Support Network to Quit Smoking

We understand that quitting smoking can be difficult. There’ll be times when you need a little moral support. Having someone to lean on in a moment of weakness could be just the trick to keep you on track. Here are our suggestions for setting up your support network.

Look for a Quitting Buddy

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Send an email to your work colleagues or to your friends who smoke, asking if any of them are interested in giving up smoking too. Then you can quit with a friend.

Join a Local Group

Ask at your local library or hospital to see if there are any quit-smoking groups that you could join or search online for a group in your area.

Research a Quit Helpline

Look online to see if there’s a coaching service you can telephone for information and support.

Spread the Word Online

Update your Facebook or Twitter status to tell everyone that you’re giving up smoking. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who offer encouragement and support.

Start a Blog

Why not start a blog about your quit journey? Regular posts about how you’re progressing will be a great way of sharing your ups and downs. And you’re likely to get comments from other quitters who are having the same experience.